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A Better Cartoon

This cartoon struck me as an odd interpretation of events at the RNC, considering one of the only black people there had peanuts thrown at her by racists. I offer up my remix:

Hurricane Season

Guy does the same cartoon for literally every hurricane.

Honoring a tradition

Worst cartoon ever?


Google Images is a thing you can use

Afghan soldiers actually white men with Snidely Whiplash mustaches?

Went a lil’ nuts on the labels there, my friend.

Aug 20, 2012

Get it?

A collection of cartoons with cliffs labeled as “cliffs.”

Gen Y Did It

I think this editorial cartoon might have infuriated me more than any other before it.

The Paterno Clinton Connection

I actually can’t believe someone drew this.

Someone’s stuck

Michael Ramirez on July 6 and Michael Ramirez on July 8.

“Get Married”

My jaw literally dropped to the floor like Roger Rabbit upon viewing this cartoon.

¬°Ay, caramba!

People who came to this country illegally as children wear huge sombreros and speak no English.