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Bank: Cartoonist’s Paycheck Not Funding Terrorism

Government Mistakes Cartoonist’s Paycheck For Terrorist Funds

Army Of God concludes

At Cartoon Movement we’ve been publishing Army Of God all year, the book length work of comics journalism from David Axe and Tim Hamilton. Each chapter has focused on a different aspect of the conflict with the LRA in the Congo and, with the latest chapter, the entire book is now available online.

Army Of God

A new chapter of the graphic novel by David Axe and Tim Hamilton is up at Cartoon Movement.

Army of God, Part 5

Online over at Cartoon Movement.

Army Of God, Part 4

Cross-posted at Cartoon Movement

Today we publish the fourth installment of Army Of God by David Axe and Tim Hamilton. This chapter examines the history of the infamous leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Joseph Kony, who has long evaded capture. Over the last year, Kony has virtually become a household name and efforts to arrest him have been ramping up. Just yesterday, the Associated Press reported that Ugandan forces had captured one of his top commanders.

If you aren’t caught up on Army Of God, check out previous chapters on our project page.

Comics journalism takes on Kony in ‘Army of God’

Congo comic

David Axe and I did a short comic for the CBC, Canadian Broadcast Corporation. Last month David traveled to Congo and interviewed survivors of the Lord’s Resistance Army. Here is one of their stories.
Congo has millions of internally displaced people and an epidemic of rapes by armed groups–more than half by Congolese soldiers–that is tearing apart the fabric of their society. Axe explains the dire situation in a two part article for World Politics Review.

Axe In Congo

David Axe has returned from five weeks of reporting in the Congo, site of the largest humanitarian crisis on earth. If you are curious what the landscape looks like, he has some videos from the trip showing some road building, refugee shelters and food convoys. He posted some photos of the Lord’s Resistance Army’s victims here. Don’t click if you have a weak stomach.

We are collaborating again. The first effort is a short comic that should be up next week.