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Our Drone Wars Are Just Beginning

I have a new comic on The Nib today I made with David Axe going over the last decade of drone warfare. Below is the first part, click through to read the whole thing.

Pando Quarterly Looks Nice

Who Needs Monogamy?

Here’s a look at a piece I did with Sarah Mirk (who edited my book) for Symbolia, the comics journalism magazine for the iPad. It’s titled “Who Needs Monogamy?” and uses interviews Mirk conducted with three people in open relationships for her upcoming book on the subject. I drew the folks. I would highly recommend subscribing to Symbolia as it’s the only outlet currently devoted 100% to comics journalism. If you don’t have an iPad they do a pdf version.


Bank: Cartoonist’s Paycheck Not Funding Terrorism

Government Mistakes Cartoonist’s Paycheck For Terrorist Funds

Graphic Journalism from Nepal

Dan Archer has an interesting Kickstarter going to produce comics journalism on human trafficking in Nepal. With a few days left and he needs help going over the top, so throw a few dollars his way if you like this type of work.


New Folsom Prison Blues

Fall 2012 Comics Journalism

Susie Cagle to Grist

Atlanta Talk

I’ll be speaking about comics journalism with Ryan Schill, who I edited at Cartoon Movement, this Saturday in Atlanta at GSU’s Modern Media Conference. My panel is at 11am on Saturday.

Quebec’s Not-So-Quiet Revolution