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Our Drone Wars Are Just Beginning

I have a new comic on The Nib today I made with David Axe going over the last decade of drone warfare. Below is the first part, click through to read the whole thing.

Pando Quarterly Looks Nice

Liberty Dinner

I’ll be doing a slide show of civil liberty related cartoons at the ACLU of Oregon’s Liberty Dinner in Portland on March 1st. More details at the ACLU’s website.

Cold Weather and Global Warming: Both Real Things

I posted all my “It’s cold so global warming isn’t real” cartoons together on Medium.

The Nib’s New Lineup for 2014

2013 In Political Cartoons

Meta data! Stand Your Ground! Twerking! 2013 was a year that happened to us. I put together a list of some of my work from this last year over at Medium.

Life Begins At Incorporation now on Amazon

My book is now listed on Amazon. Drones will be delivering it to your door before you know it! I have a favor to ask for those who have read it. Consider taking a few minutes to review it on the site. People actually read them and make their purchases based on them. That’s why I haven’t read the Twilight series.

Life Begins At Incorporation—25% off for one day only

It’s “Cyber Monday” and I’m selling copies of Life Begins At Incorporation for $15 for today only! Works as a pretty cheap gift or good plane reading for yourself when you have to visit relatives this month.

The Magazine Kickstarter

The Magazine, a tablet publication I’ve contributed an illustration to, is Kickstarting a printed collection of some of their best articles from their first year of publication. Good stuff. Not political. Sort of “for curious people,” I believe is their tag line.


PandoDaily Acquires NSFWCORP

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